Short profile

  • Interdisciplinary experience and background ranging between natural sciences, chemical and structural characterisation, instrumentation, technologies and aspects of life sciences. Interdisciplinarity and Mobility are highly respected by the European Commission as the only way to achieve innovative results and products while enhancing one’s personality though intercultural activities.
  • Current research involves intensive work on secondary minerals in Martian meteorites (original results to be published), aspects on ultra-high pressure (UHP) diamondiferous rocks, astrobiology, biominerals & biosignatures, life under extreme conditions (simulated, zero and high gravity – ESA & ISS involvement), biodeterioration, restoration & laser cleaning of artworks, analytical techniques and automated spectral interpretation (TOF-SIMS, Raman, optical microscopy), materials characterisation (TOF-SIMS, Raman, TEM, FTIR, optical microscopy, Spectroscopy, SEM/EDS/EBSD, XRD etc.), mineralogy and petrology (Ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks), materials. Efforts to combine the above with the development of instruments for planetary exploration.
  • Able to work under own initiative and in teams, even under stress conditions.
  • Very flexible, efficient and dedicated to achieve results of a high standard.
  • Easy to conceive or understand new ideas and to pursue those ideas further, also with an artistic touch and perspective.
  • Highly proficient in computing and Internet, skilled in latest technologies.
  • Demonstrated experience in successfully presenting results and in quality proposal and report writing.
  • Management skills through European projects and project management in industry. Also, experience in evaluating technical work through the frequent participation in the industrial panels as evaluator and vice chair assisting the European Commission. This provided additional organisational skills since I participated in the whole procedure from allocation of resources and people to evaluation and panel meetings.
  • Speaking and writing English (fluent), German (good), Greek (mother tongue).
  • Friendly personality, easily adapting into different cultures.